Fuel your workout the right way

Fuel your workout the right way- - SnackT buy healthy snacks online India

We all want to get the most out of a workout- to train harder, spin faster, run quicker, jump higher. And, while many of us prepare mentally for a challenging workout, we sometimes forget to fuel the engine or to do it properly.

There are certain best foods to eat before working out that will help our bodies prepare, and which can maximize our efforts in the gym. We all have different nutritional requirements. These superfoods are the perfect balance of fats, carbs and proteins which can fuel your body, stave off hunger, fight fatigue and even aid recovery.

Here are some pre-workout food options to get you started


Almonds are packed with energy and easily digestible carbohydrates and proteins. They are rich in antioxidants and provide you with a good fiber intake. Almonds help in controlling blood sugar level and blood pressure.


Oats are full of fiber so they release carbohydrates gradually. Due to this slow release, energy levels are kept consistent throughout the workout. Therefore, you can train harder for longer time. By consuming oats around 2 hours before a workout, you’ll be able to satisfy your hunger whilst getting a good source of slow releasing energy.


Banana is a great source of natural sugar, simple carbohydrates and potassium. In our body, potassium is stored only for a limited amount of time, so try consuming a banana around 30 minutes to an hour before workout. Eating a banana before workout is the perfect way to boost your glycogen stores and increase blood sugar level. You can add some peanut butter for that extra protein boost.

High Protein foods

If you are on the go and looking for a quick top-up before the gym, then a protein bar is a great option. Look for one with some carbohydrates too to offer a good balance of energy. A protein bar such as oats and whey would make a good pre-workout snack as it contains protein-contributing to muscle mass as well as oats- a complex carbohydrate that will have you trampling the treadmill for hours. The low sugar content is an added bonus for those watching their waistlines too. Eat around an hour before you workout to optimize your energy. Read more about how to add protein in breakfast here & here.

Bottom line

Whatever pre-workout foods you decide on, make sure it packs a nutritional punch. Crack on with the carbs and protein and make sure you include other nutrients too, so that your body can go full throttle without a breakdown. There are other many tasty options out there, so be creative and keep yourself motivated with delicious healthy snacks to fuel your workout the right way. We have some of the best, healthy and delicious snacking options which won’t add much of calories but be sure about the addition of various nutrients and protein. Do check what we have in store for you.

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