Proteins for vegetarians

Proteins for vegetarians SnackT Buy healthy snacks online india

Tell someone you are vegetarian, and the first objection you will get is, “But where do you get your protein?” Protein is a key part of healthy diet. They are essential for repairing damaged cells and building new ones. Proteins are essential in the building tissues, muscles and bones, so it’s important to make sure your body has what it needs. Proteins are made of smaller units called amino acids. A non-vegetarian would have no problem as all meat already possesses a complete array of amino acids. A vegetarian, Jain or vegan, on the other hand, would need to absorb a rainbow of foods to get the full benefit.

Here is a list of protein-rich vegetarian foods for vegetarians commonly used in Indian cuisine-


Soybeans contain all of the essential amino acids necessary for complete nutrition. It is naturally high in protein while remaining relatively low in fat. Soy foods are naturally cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat. Eat roasted soybeans solo as an on-the-go snack or add them to homemade trail mixes.


Almonds deliver a massive amount of nutrients. They are loaded with lots of proteins, vitamin E and healthy fats. Due to their satiating properties, almonds are a great addition to an effective weight loss diet. Almonds are a great vegetarian option to keep hunger at bay.


Chickpeas are a powerhouse of nutrients. They are an excellent vegan and gluten free source of protein and fiber. Low in fat and high in protein, chickpeas are a great addition to high protein diet. Nutrients in chickpeas contribute to building and maintaining bone structure and strength.


Quinoa is unique among plant proteins because it contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. Quinoa is higher in protein than most other grains, packs a hefty dose of heart-healthy unsaturated fats and is also a great source of fiber. Eat Quinoa puffs as an on-the-go snack. Visit for this healthy snack.

Paneer (Cottage cheese)

Paneer or cottage cheese is a protein-rich option you can choose. This dairy product is high in protein and low in calories. Besides, it is much more affordable than other dairy products. So it will not cost you a bomb to include paneer in your daily diet. 100 grams of paneer contains about 23 grams of protein.

Lentils or Dal

If you are an Indian, you probably have at least 3 types of pulses or more every week. Pulses are an excellent source of plant-based protein. Almost all pulses contain about 14-16 grams of protein per cup after being cooked which is way more than 1 large boiled egg. Lentils are also a wonderful source of fiber and complex carbohydrates.

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